Scotland, PA

Please don’t. Trust me — just don’t. This is the worst film I have seen in years. Set in the ’70s for some reason, it’s at least the third modernization of Macbeth (after Joe Macbeth and Men of Respect), only this one concerns the power struggle over — are you sitting down? — a burger joint. And the laughs keep on not coming! James LeGros and Maura Tierney (wife of writer-director Billy Morrissette, who’ll be lucky if he gets another project based on this sludge¹) are the young couple who murder greasy-spoon owner James Rebhorn and turn it into a McDonald’s-type place complete with drive-thru. It’s yet another indie movie that’s supposed to be hip and funny but never is.

Things get off to a bad start with the introduction of this movie’s version of the three witches — stoners Andy Dick, Timothy “Speed” Levitch, and Amy Smart — and actually get worse from there, with scenes that drag on into an infinity of stupidity and pointlessly obscene dialogue for Tierney’s character that gets really fucking boring really fucking quickly, as you can imagine. The only small saving graces are Christopher Walken as the inquisitive detective McDuff (I wouldn’t even recommend renting this just for him — that’s how annoying it is) and the selection of ’70s rock that probably usurped half the movie’s budget. Otherwise, you have been warned. The whole thing just made me wish a serious director would do Macbeth again for real (the last theatrical feature based on the play was Polanski’s 1971 version).

¹He didn’t. He’s not married to Tierney any more either.

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