The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

A breathless, inflated title for a small and charming movie. High-school seniors Randy (Laurel Holloman) and Evie (Nicole Parker) become friends and then girlfriends, dodging the nagging and/or disapproval of everyone around them. Randy, who works at a gas station and lives with her aunt and her lover, is white and middle-class; Evie, a popular girl who drives a Range Rover and lives with her overprotective mom, is black and upper-class. Director Maria Maggenti doesn’t push the possible race and class tensions; she doesn’t push much of anything. The movie is as inoffensive and out-of-your-face as can be, and if not for the occasional R-rated language it could almost be an Afterschool Special. But Maggenti isn’t interested in making a tormented art-house lesbian film (like, say, Claire of the Moon); she presents the girls’ love as a healthy form of teen rebellion. (It’s far better at this than the later Lost and Delirious was.) The climax is funny but implausible until you realize Maggenti doesn’t intend it literally — Randy and Evie learn to ignore the squawking all around them and listen to their hearts. Fun and satisfying, with appealing work by Holloman and Parker (who later both appeared in Boogie Nights — Paul Thomas Anderson must’ve been a fan of this film).

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