3208619109_1_4_jMEeLTs8A Canadian oddity that’s probably best suited to David Cronenberg completists. Cronenberg shows up about an hour in as an actor who visits a “boozecan” (illicit after-hours drug/alcohol party) thrown by the protagonist, Pasqua (Justin Louis, who bears a resemblance to Bob Geldof), who’s trying to open a bar and go legit. Cronenberg probably did it as a favor to director Nicholas Campbell, who acted in a few of his films (he was Frank Dodd in The Dead Zone). The movie in question isn’t bad — it shows the seldom-seen seedy side of Toronto — if somewhat aimless, with an unnecessary subplot in which Pasqua falls for a local Asian woman (Shirley Blanco). There’s also a weird cop (Eugene Lipinski) who’s obsessed with busting Pasqua and has a gay junkie under his control. Leslie Hope of 24 also appears as an undercover narc. This was one of those indie movies whose video rights were picked up by Blockbuster (where I bought my copy used). Cronenberg does do some of his better acting in his one scene. “Boozecans,” by the way, appear to be a Canadian thing.

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